90s music DJ

90s Music DJ

In the 1990s there was truly great music around and a 90s theme night music party will bring back some great memories. However its funny how we always remember the past as if it was magical place that was perfect. When it comes to the music there was also some rubbish music around that should never be played at a 90s music party as it will send everyone to the get their coats and go home early. For a great 90s music party your DJ need to select the best pop and dance floor filling anthems and leave dance floor killers in the bin. Before a party its always impossible to select the correct tracks to play and the correct order to play then as there is so many to choose from. Playing the tracks at the right time is also very important, it may be the biggest floor filler but if its played too early or out of sequence then no one will dance to it.

Having said all this for small scale events where you don't expect people to do much dancing then playlists for parties are fine, however prepare yourself for an average night that may be only slightly better than boring. For a real party you need a real party DJ who has the experience and the flexibility to change the music to match what's happening on the dance floor. A Great 90s party DJ can interact with the audience and play the music to match the feeling and mood of the party as it develops throughout the evening. If the crowd are up tempo the the DJ should play up tempo. If half the crowd has walked of the dance floor to a change in the Music then a switch back is needed.

However we do want to play your music and not ours so a request list of around 20 tunes is great as this will help give us an insight into your type of music and requests from the audience on the night really make the party brilliant.

There is no substitute for experience but we know many inexperienced DJs will Google playlists for parties and probably read this page for ideas, so we have included some 90s music advice to consider. A 90s music DJ should concentrate on Five main areas of music. These are R&B, 90s pop, cheesy party tunes, club and dance, rock and Brit pop. The last group would also include indie music.

We have given some examples of each type of music and for a longer list click on the highlighted link.

Cheesy Party Music

Anything by steps especially Tragedy and 5678
Anything by S club 7 especially reach up and bring it all back
DJ OTZI Hey Baby
Wigfield Saturday night
The Spice Girls



Brit Pop

Oasis (Its all Good)
Blur (its all good but Park life is a must.)
Pulp Especially Common People and Disco 2000

Lenny Kravitz Are you going my way?
Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit


Fugees Its all good but especially Killing me softly
Mark Morrison Return of the Mack






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